Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Language at 3 months

Here's what A and D sound like at 3 months in the United States. They are playing a game that has pictures of different animals. They're talking about the animals' habitats, what they eat and how they protect themselves.

D: Alligator! Alligator min din now? (what is it?) Alligator like crocodile. Big lizard. Alligator dangerous. Alligator sharp teeth. Alligator eat iguana.
A: Mom, how about crocodile. Crocodile can eat a lion. I see lion video, crocodile.
D: I want upstairs, I want, in the morning, buffalo lion video.

A: Cheetah now ready run. Now running. I think maybe cheetah big flat place. No trees. Cheetah I think animal catching. Silezee (so), flat bota (place). Tiliq bota (big place) is for cheetah.
D: Mom, grasshopper! Mom, lion eat grasshopper.

D: Lion. Lion dangerous. Gazelle eat. Gazelle, dangerous, gazelle? Gazelle have flat teeth. A duck!

D: D has monkey. Chimpanzee. Mom, chimpanzee dangerous? Very strong.
A: I think chimpanzee hit you. Angry, hit. Touch baby. No, no, my baby! Hit. My baby!

A: Zebra big, like this, grass, maybe.
D: Cheetah this grass.
A: Same color, no. It’s not same. White one.
D: Antarctica, Antarctica!
A: I know. Zebra mix grass, all the way in the hair.

A: Armadillo. Make a rock. Circle rock. Animal can eat it? No.
D: Armadillo circle! Like a ball.
A: Armadillo circle make, jump in a ball.

D: Kangaroo! Australia.

D: Urchin. Mom, step on urchin, ouch! Urchin min (what) eat? I dunno.

A: Hippopotamus close to water. Out and in. Out and in. Lion look, lion come on, under! Every hippo under the water.

D: Two animal, dangerous animal. Jaguar, South America.
A: All the jaguar, South America, no.
D: This North America?
A: Jaguar in the zoo.
D: Mom, Indian Ocean far?


  1. Wow - they are good with geography! Clever lads.

  2. That is really good for three months. We're about at the same place. As an aside, I love the word "kangaroo" with an Ethiopian accent - so cute!

    1. I like D's "Grrrreen light go." He sounds like a crusty old Russian.

  3. Holy cow! They are doing really, really well! And reading through their discussions, I'm detecting a theme.....