Sunday, August 19, 2012


Things I never want to forget about you at this age:
  • The way you say, "Daaaaaangerous."
  • The way, instead of asking, "What are you making?" you say, "Make a _______" and we're supposed to fill in the blank.
  • Your acting ability, including your "shocked and indignant" look and your "authoritative and suspicious" look.
  • The way you constantly palpate my arm. There really is no other verb for it. It's like a poorly-aimed breast exam.
  • The way you turn over the first card on the first turn of the memory game and give a little jump and say, "Before?" No, sweetie, it's the first turn, we haven't seen it before.
  • The collection of sentences that you say over and over, like, "Urchin, step on, ouch!" or "Michael Phelps, long arms, lotta spinach!"
  • The way you string those sentences together to create a train of thought: "Today, Diego, what animal? Maybe penguin. Penguin not just Antarctica. Penguin South America. Indian Ocean far away? I can't reach. Michael Phelps can reach. Michael Phelps has long arms!"
  • The way your voice gets soft and babyish when you're sleepy and you say, "Mommy... my mommy."