Sunday, September 18, 2011

ethical issues in Chinese adoptions

This article was in the New York Times today.
For me, it reinforces two things:
1) There is corruption in the adoption process in every country.
2) We will not know for sure that our own adoption was an ethical one until we make direct contact with our children's family. Which we plan to do.


  1. Hello! So happy to find your blog.

    1) We're non-religious too and adopted internationally. Co-existing with the Christian element in adoption has sometimes been a challenge for me, so it's nice to find someone else with a similar background!

    2) This article is great and I probably wouldn't have otherwise found it. I have been thinking about this a lot lately and agree: you just don't know until you talk to the family. I think our country (Korea) guards this info a bit closer than Ethiopia may, but I'm looking for other ways to hopefully make contact. Thanks for posting the article!

  2. Hi Sarah, nice to 'meet' you! We chose Ethiopia in large part because of the possibility of ongoing contact with our children's family. I really, really hope we can make that happen. Good luck with your search too.

  3. We have photos of our son's family holding cards and photo albums we sent them. If our agency ever pulls out of Ethiopia, it will become more difficult to maintain contact, but I think it's still possible. I know one family who has facebook contact with their sons' mother. How nice that would be!

  4. Karen, that is WONDERFUL that you got photos of the family holding your cards and albums! The last I'd heard you were still wondering if they'd received anything. T must have been so glad to see them! I'm so happy for you!!!