Thursday, September 29, 2011

Amharic verb of the week: mayet (to see)

Tabb and I are having a hard time learning Amharic verbs, so we're trying a new strategy. Instead of trying to learn conjugation patterns and apply them on the spot to multiple verbs, we will instead focus on one verb at a time and try to learn it to automaticity.

I've noticed a number of people have arrived on this blog by searching for Amharic verbs, so I'll share our work by posting it here.

The first verb is mayet (to see).

I see you (m).....ayehuh
I see you (f).......ayehush
I see it/him.........ayehut
I see her.............ayehuat
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  1. It's that having to change it depending on male/female thing that gets me. It was hard enough to have to memorize noun gender in German. I'm sitting here proud of myself for finally memorizing how to say thank you!