Sunday, November 20, 2016

Family Plan for a Trump presidency

First draft of the plan we created for moving forward after the election:

1.     Accept that we don’t live in a democracy.
Don’t be surprised when a racist, misogynistic plutocrat enacts policies that benefit a tiny minority at the top. It’s how the system was designed. Being outraged all the time is exhausting. Save the outrage for things that are actually surprising.

2.     Try to change the government anyway.
  • Support progressive candidates through donations, by making phone calls and/or by knocking on doors
  • Set up ongoing donations to groups challenging unjust government policies, such as the ACLU
  • If possible, volunteer for groups challenging unjust government policies
  • Make more phone calls to senators and representatives
  • Participate in protests
  • Volunteer for the local Democratic committee
3.     Support people who may be directly affected by new government policies.
  • Set up ongoing donations to organizations that will be directly affected, such as Planned Parenthood
  • If possible, volunteer for organizations that will be directly affected
  • Give directly to those in need
  • Check in with our kids about what they are experiencing
  • Make our support for affected groups clear and visible
4.     Build community
  • Get to know neighbors better
  • Engage with people who are different about differences and common ground
  • Increase patronage of local businesses
5.     Take the high road
  • Be aware of our privileges and how we use them
  • Don’t label ourselves allies, safe, or non-racist; there is always room for improvement
  • Support people who support our goals, even if we disagree with how they are doing it
  • Focus on facts; avoid insults and sensationalism

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