Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Another letter

Dear Senator / Representative:

I am writing to ask you to cosponsor Senate Resolution 432 / House Resolution 861, supporting respect for human rights and condemning violence in Ethiopia. In the last two weeks, at least 50 people - some reports place the number at over 600 - were killed at a cultural festival in the town of Bishoftu when police fired tear gas and live ammunition at the crowd. Protesters responding to the massacre killed an American researcher named Sharon Gray and destroyed foreign businesses believed to have government connections. The Ethiopian government declared a state of emergency, legitimizing arbitrary arrests, restricting freedom of movement, and making it illegal for people to cross their arms over their head.

The United States considers Ethiopia to be our ally. This crisis is happening with support from my taxpayer dollars. We need an urgent review of our security assistance to Ethiopia.

Thank you.

Find your representatives in Congress here.

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