Thursday, June 2, 2016

Anatomy of a nickname

D. loves words. He loves to talk...

Me (calling into the other room): Do you want to some ice cream?
D: It's like you shrank yourself down to a tiny size, crawled under the door, climbed onto my head, drilled a hole, climbed inside and looked at my brain, climbed back out, patched the hole, crawled under the door again, made yourself big, and went back in the kitchen.
Me: So, yes?

...he loves his "robust vocabulary words"...

Me: Who did that?
D: A. is the culprit.

...and he loves giving nicknames. His dad has been Dahee, Hooda, and Hoo, and for a long time his brother was Hoylo and then Swift (strangely, I've never been anything but Mommy).

D's most recent nickname for his brother, Nee, is really fascinating because it shows how words evolve.

Step 1:  D. learns about Bernie Sanders. A's nickname becomes Feel-the-Bern.
Step 2:  Feel-the-Bern is shortened to Burn.
Step 3:  Burn (noun) becomes Burneean (adjective) in the phrase him and his Burneean ways
Step 4:  Burneean becomes a noun.
Step 5:  Burneean is shortened to Neean and then to Nee. 
All in the space of a few weeks. I love my son's linguistic gifts!

*Update: A few weeks later, A's nickname is Nee-ah mon.

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