Thursday, February 13, 2014

Getting closer

Anyone reading this blog might get the impression that not much is going on in our preparations for our Ethiopia trip.

They wouldn't know about the Burjii man in Colorado, who has spent hours talking and texting with me, who sent me a Burjii dictionary, who has patiently and with good humor answered my every question, who is connecting me with his brother in Soyema.

About his Burjii housemate, who taught me how verbs work.

About the Burjii man right here in Philadelphia, who met us for dinner.

About the Burjii man in Tennessee, who invited us to visit and just sent me the phone number of his brother in Soyama.

They wouldn't know about the warmth and encouragement with which we have been embraced, with which our children have been embraced.

They wouldn't know because I haven't been able to find words to express my gratitude, admiration and relief.

You have taken a place that seemed almost impossibly remote and brought it close.

Thank you are the most inadequate words in the English language, but they are what I've got.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.


  1. This really is simply amazing and awesome. I love that you have worked so hard to find your Burjii connections for your boys (and for you and T). I know it has taken time and it wasn't easy, but you did it. And that's so, so wonderful.

  2. Thank you for being excited along with me!

  3. Thank you to you too! You are an inspiring mother!