Monday, September 2, 2013

Our summer, by A.

This summer I played lot of baseball and the team I was on was DH and in baseball I like batting, caching.

Then grandma visetet I played with her zip zap.

When my granmom left we went to Massachusetts to viset my yugs cusin.

The next Monday I went to the ymca camp. In the camp I played lot of socrr it was fun. I played other gams and sports. They were fun.

Then paw paw and GG viseted my family. Afster dinner we went to the park we brot the tens ball so we cuoled play cach.

Then Y and J viseted my family. We went to Linvilla. We picked a lot of peachs and plums, apcats and bluebareas. We went on a hay ride it was fun.

When Y and J left my family went to Ocean City. We went on rides like the fares wheel. It was lot of fun.

Then I went on a 20 mile bike ride. It was hard and fun. I did well.

Then my mom me and my brother went to Morris arboretum. I went on a big tree huose and I saw big bugs. They were big as cars.

Afster Morris my family went to Maryland to my cusins. We rode our bikes. We played a lot of games. And we went to Adventure Park USA and we went on lot of RIDES. It was lots of fun.

Then we went to DC to the Smithsonian. We saw a lot of dinsoris and other animals and we saw so meny other things. It was fun and exciting.

Another thing we did was go to a beach. Me and my mom steped on a fish. I dove in to the waves. I had lots of fun.

Then we went to West Virginia to visit my dad's brother in the mowtins. We went to a pool. Me and my mom chased ech other. The next day we went to a lake and we swam in the lake.

After West Virginia we went north to the cave, camping and Knoebles. We camped with my cusins. Camping is lots of fun.

The last day we went to Knoebels and my favrit ride was Sklooosh and Italian Trapeze. 

This summer I also did writing, reading and math and every ten books I picked a free books.


  1. So much fun in one summer - awesome!

  2. A,
    Very well written! It looks like you had a great summer. Glad you got to have lots of fun and reading.

  3. I love this! Well done, A - sounds like you had a pretty darn awesome summer, and I love your writing.