Monday, June 17, 2013

start of summer

Two weekends ago, we began what I hope will be a weekly tradition, a long family bike ride. D is our limiting factor, of course, but he has done amazingly well. Our first time out, at the state park, he rode 4.5 miles, including a long uphill, and our second time out, on the river trail, he rode 7 miles. This coming Thursday is A's first day of summer vacation, and since D will still be in preK all morning, we're planning a long ride at his pace. His goal is 15 miles. I'm excited!

We've also done some other fun weekend stuff, like the Odunde African American festival and boating at Lums Pond State Park. This is just the start - I'm really looking forward to the summer!

June 20 Biking Update:
A did 15 miles like it was nothing. One minute after finishing, he set 
a new goal of 20 miles.  

June 24 Biking Update:
6 miles yesterday at the wildlife refuge, and 18 miles today on the river trail.  


  1. Your enthusiasm is contagious! Keep pedaling...

  2. Oh hooray for summer. I can't get enough.

  3. I LOVE summer. Can't wait for consistently nice weather (can be a bit of a pipe dream in the Pacific Nwest)--I love the idea of a biking goal. Sounds like you all are making the most of it!

  4. That's awesome that they are doing so well on the bikes. Ayub hasn't had much practice, so he is still in training wheels. He prefers the scooter, so it's hard to get him on the bike long enough to get the hang of it. One of MY goals for the summer. That and tying shoes!