Saturday, May 18, 2013

bullet points

  • On Mother's Day we took the boys to New York City for the first time: Staten Island ferry, lower Manhattan, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Central Park. There was some initial anxiety, but after lunch and a visit to the Lego store, they did great. They loved Times Square and all the people there dressed as cartoon characters. They loved riding the subway and climbing rocks in Central Park.
  • A brought home a flyer from school and said, "I want to join Cub Scouts." I told him he couldn't because the scouts don't allow gay people to be scout leaders. He said, "That's not fair. I can just go to the YMCA, they do the same kind of stuff anyway." That's mah boy.
  • We had a parent-teacher conference with D's preK teacher. He's made HUGE strides in his social development. She said that he now not only engages with other kids his age, he solves disputes and even suggests and leads activities. I think we put him in preK at exactly the right time for him.


  1. Love it! So much to be proud of.

  2. Wise and flexible little guy - and a good mama and papa.

  3. Oh, cub scouts... we have a little while yet, but I'm still worrying about how to handle that one.

  4. Delighted to have found your blog. We completed our adoption from Nepal just over 3 years ago.
    My previous blog did cover that journey & I am only now just getting back into the blogging grove.

  5. Those are some pretty stinkin' HUGE bullet points. We're hoping to try Chicago this summer, and I'm hoping we have the success you found in New York. (P.S. I'm back at my older blog....)