Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring break

We had a great spring break. The boys and I went down to Maryland to visit my brother's family. There are two boy cousins, five and eight years old (our boys are five and seven). D and C disappeared into C's bedroom and played police something-or-other for hours. A and S disappeared on their bicycles. And the four of them spent hours playing the Wii together, cooperating the whole time, while this mama relaxed upstairs. Best of all, D was fully present for the entire visit. No "blocking" whatsoever. It made my heart all fuzzy.


  1. Yay for cousin time--our little one connects to his really well also. Glad it was relaxing!

  2. Good times. I wish we had some cousins for our kids - I remember great times with mine.

    1. Does having a big family at home make up for that?

  3.'s not the same thing. With cousins, it's the novelty of it that makes it great. With siblings, they are just bored with each other all the time.