Saturday, March 16, 2013

Some things to remember

  • A saying for the first time ever, "I made a mistake," and the nervousness and pride at his own bravery so clear in his voice.
  • D shouting out random phrases that he picked up from books and songs, like "SAW-EDGED TEETH FOR CUTTING THROUGH FLESH!!" to the shoppers at the grocery store (from his dinosaur book) and "JUDGE NOT!!" to the swimmers at the YMCA (from Bob Marley).
  • Both boys sounding like middle-age women, like A saying, "easy peasy" and D commenting primly on a new friend, "He seems like a very nice boy." 
  • D using "How 'bout...?" instead of "What would happen if...?" so, "What would happen if we drove too fast?" becomes the casual suggestion, "How 'bout we drive too fast?"
  • A's utter reasonableness, like when my sleepy, "Don't play with jacks in my bed" is met with a sweet, "Mommy, I counted them, there are ten, and when I'm finished I'll count them again so I don't leave any here because they are sharp." Um, okay then.


  1. Priceless; each one of them! Good for you for recording them! Boys are funny. =)

  2. I LOVE the comments about dinosaur teeth in the grocery store! Too adorable.

  3. Every single one of these is awesome. *Definitely* things to remember.

  4. It's great you are writing these down! :)

  5. My fave is "He seems like a very nice boy," but they're all great. Treasures.