Thursday, January 24, 2013

On Boys and Vehicles

D is crying because airplanes go faster than buses. He stomps upstairs to find something that goes faster than a plane. He comes back with a race car. A laughs at him, causing more sobbing. I look up passenger jet plane speeds: 500-700 mph. I look up Bonneville Salt Flats racing, which eventually leads to a video of this car. 763 mph. Crisis averted.


  1. Oh boy can I relate to this conversation. I probably spend 20 minutes of every day discussing why MB is not old enough to have a motorcycle.

  2. Hey, we JUST -- as in yesterday -- read about the fastest car ever. Look up Bugatti Veyron videos -- that is a car that can go 250 mph. They have to design those cars to have a lot of downforce so at those speeds they don't end up with enough lift for them to become airborne. The things you learn when reading to boys....

  3. I showed T that video and now he wants to watch fast car you tube videos instead of TV tonight! Wow, so cool to watch a land vehicle break the sound barrier.

  4. Good job, mama! Sibling torment at its finest. On the challenges and joys. Good luck. I am certain that your immediate future will include more YouTube videos and mediation of similar arguments.

  5. I'm sure that will be in my future. Right now it's constant questions including the following: "Mom winner? Lion or bear?" "Who is a better swimmer? Michael Phelps or a shark?" "Who has a bigger best? An eagle or a hawk?" etc. etc. etc.....

    1. We went through that phase... I remember googling the relative speeds of Michael Phelps and various animals. Bottom line: relative to body size, he's not actually that fast.