Thursday, October 18, 2012


This is my new favorite place in the Philadelphia area:
We went to Wissahickon for the first time on Sunday, topping a weekend that included a long, childfree bike ride and dinner at the home of new friends. D and I went back again today. He rode his longest bike ride to date. A friendly fisherperson invited him to reel in a fish. Loving this city.


  1. Beautiful. Glad you loving your new city!

  2. My old stomping grounds! (Slightly ashamed to admit this, but in high school we used to drink at night in the parking lot at Valley Green.) Still a favorite place for a bike ride or hike when we visit family.

    Philly is great. Having spent my formative years there, I couldn't wait to leave. But now, I could easily see living there.

    1. Beats drinking in the McDonald's parking lot, which is what kids did at my high school!