Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July and new bed

The 4th of July was a really nice day. In the morning we went to see the local parade. It was the second parade the boys have seen, and they always like things much better the second time. After the parade T went to work, and I put together the boys' new bunk bed. A was a huge help. He participated in everything except using the drill. D was a big help too, by playing on his own and moving out of the way when we needed him to. A put the ladder to the top bunk together almost entirely by himself.

In the afternoon T came home and we went to our friend B's house for a cookout. It was wonderful to see our boys comfortable enough with B and her kids that they could relax even with lots of people around. In the evening the boys saw their first fireworks, which were very exciting. Just being out after dark was exciting.

Sleeping issues are a huge topic in adoption blogs. Last night was the first night the boys slept in the new bed. Up until now they have slept in a double bed right next to ours. Until a few nights ago, one of us would always lie down with them until they were asleep. A few nights ago we transitioned to them going to sleep by themselves in our room. The first night they cried for a few minutes. The next day A said, "Yesterday I sad." I asked him why he was sad and he found the question very amusing. There was almost no crying the second night. Then we put the bunk bed together in the room down the hall. I think having the boys help build the bed and making a big deal out of shopping for sheets made the transition a very positive one.

This morning the boys came bursting into our room, jumping out of their skin with excitement and pride: "We sleep new bed! No mommy and daddy! Just A and D!" Today was their two-month anniversary in the United States, and they were in a ridiculously good mood all day. We went to the helicopter museum to celebrate. Tonight they watched a helicopter-themed video, then went to sleep in their new beds by themselves.


  1. Sounds like a smooth transition. Luckily, we haven't had sleep problems. A had a few night terrors the first month home, but since then, he's been a champ about sleeping. Of course, having an older brother in the top bunk helps a lot!

  2. Sounds like a great transition!

  3. Oh many congratulations. Sleep does make all the difference in the world.

    And, speaking of helicopters ... we have a fairly long discussion at least once a day with MB as to why he can't fly a helicopter (or race a motorcycle). He's fairly sure he can wear us down if he persists long enough. A helicopter museum - yep, that would definitely do us in.