Monday, June 4, 2012

More new things

  • Second and third playdates. With two supernice Ethiopian adoptive families.
  • First train ride into the city. Kicking myself for leaving the camera battery at home. Both boys were so excited to get on the train!
  • First merry-go-round ride.
  • First big ouchie. D was staring at a school bus and walked right into a stone pillar. He hit so hard I'm surprised his tooth didn't fall out. He didn't want to eat for two meals, but recovered by the end of the next day. 
  • Lots of bike riding. A barely needs me anymore and is working on speed. D is learning to steer while I push; looking where he's going much improved after school bus incident.
  • First visit to the local Ethiopian church. Talked to many friendly people. A enjoyed the music. D was a little overwhelmed, but quickly recovered when given a plateful of 'tibs (the boys are vegetarian at home, but we're fine with them eating meat as part of an Ethiopian meal).

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