Friday, May 25, 2012


It's pretty incredible how much our kids have been learning in the last two-and-a-half weeks. They've been learning about:
  • English. They're picking up lots of new words every day. The top category for new words is car-related: van, flatbed truck, SUV, station wagon, fire truck etc. They are also pretty comfortable with colors, farm animal names, counting (A to around thirteen, D to around six), basic verbs, and simple commands: wash your hands,  close your window (in the car) etc.
  • Survival skills. Running out in the road is adegena (thank you, dead squirrel, for illustrating my point), the hot stove is adegena etc.
  • Playing. I've noticed their attention span has gotten longer and they don't just flit from one thing to the next anymore. Yesterday they played BY THEMSELVES for half an hour. It was the first time they were not in immediate contact with an adult since arriving in the U.S.
  • How various machines and electronics work. They can open their car windows, talk on the phone, A can more or less use a mouse etc.
  • Who's in charge. Most mornings, they need to check this. They will do something that is blatantly not allowed (hit someone, run outside in the rain in their pajamas) and I think they're just doing a little experiment - are daddy and mommy still the boss? When it turns out we are, they cry just a bit, then relax and settle down.
  • Trust. Initially, if I took something from one of them, even for a second, like if a book was being held upside down and I took it to turn it right side up, there would be screaming. Now the kids have learned I don't randomly grab things from them, and they let me take things to fix them or help with something. Same with Daddy going back to work. On Monday we needed to call him a couple of times, and we talked about him a lot and there was some "Daddy ayme'tam" (Daddy isn't coming), but by today (Friday) they knew Daddy would come back.
  • Ice cream. It is yucky.


  1. i wish i felt ice cream was yucky. this would help my butt a LOT. wonderful post. you guys are all awesome.

  2. One thing we took for granted was the understanding that EVERYTHING, EVERYDAY was learning experience. simply waking up with you and T there each day is a learning experience. Forget about hand dryers in public bathrooms, shopping carts, ambulance sirens, having your own toys, parks, pizza...and on and on... Each time we see our pediatrician he reminds us of this. It sounds like all is well and well is good. I'm so happy for you guys!

  3. Playing for half an hour, wow, whooo hooo! And my son hates ice cream too.

  4. Ice cream was an acquired taste here, but now he asks for it every night. The coldness of it was what T needed to overcome. I think, though, that of all things, corn on the cob was the biggest hit here. Or maybe soda....

  5. Z LOVES ice cream. In fact we had so much dairy the first 2 days home it caused problems and a doctor visit!

  6. Kyra, this is awesome! Sounds like things are moving in an amazing direction!! I love hearing about it! Playing for 30 minutes??? I am totally jealous! Chaltu still does not do that!! But I suppose it is easier with a sibling!! I am so happy for you all!!! Would love to see some more pics! Have a great weekend.

  7. That's a pretty impressive list of English words! Ayub was definitely not at that point when home as long as you have been. Heck, we still have trouble with colors and farm animals! As for ice cream, though, he LOVED it. Now every time we drive by a Chick-Fil-A, he wants to stop for ice cream and Coca-Cola.