Thursday, February 23, 2012

learning to read

Not the kids, me!

My advice if you want to learn to read in Amharic is to first have a foundation of oral language. T and I worked with our tutors for about six months before attempting literacy. Once we had a bunch of words whose meanings we knew, we made flashcards with those words until we could read them. Then I bought a few bilingual children's books. I've been practicing the easiest of them, Trouble (Amharic title: Teklei) for a couple of weeks.

Here I am, doing my best to read in Amharic. My head is bobbing up and down because I'm focusing so hard.


  1. Very well done! You inspire me to return to my Amharic lessons, (ironically) abandoned eighteen months ago when we left to bring our daughter home.

  2. All I can say is WOW, that is amazing. I admire you guys so much for tackling Amharic! Your kids will be impressed and appreciate their ferengi mommy and daddy for making such an effort! Bravo!

  3. Our progress has actually been VERY slow. Don't be fooled - I had to practice this one page for half an hour.

  4. This is so impressive and inspiring!

  5. I went the concurrent route - reading, writing and vocabulary. After having to take some months off without study, I can now read all sorts of things but they mean next to nothing. Rats!