Saturday, January 22, 2011

Almost done with dossier

So we're sitting around, and we both get this quietness, which I'm learning means that we're both thinking about the adoption paperwork. Tabb asks, is there anything we can be doing right now for the dossier? I know, I say, let's run through the checklist for the 17th time.
- Power of Attorney document on its way to be certified (should receive by end of next week)
- Employment letters done
- Health forms done
- Birth certificates and marriage certificate done
- My new passport received and copied
- Letters of reference on their way (but I am secretly stalking you, Jamie and Amanda)
- Phone interview with our case worker done 
- USCIS approval on its way in ????? weeks
There must be something we could be doing right now. What if I scour the USCIS website one more time for clues to wait times? That could be productive.


  1. Oh yes, definitely productive...and totally maddening =) It seems you share my love of bullet points. So satisfying...

    Re: your comment on my blog. Nope, not creepy at all. I talk to Tim about my blog friends ALL the time. He just thinks I am nuts and shakes his head at me.

  2. Sounds like you're getting close. It was maddening to me to wait on my friends for reference letters. If anyone ever asks me for a letter, I'm staying up late that VERY night to write it and get it in the mail.

  3. We're not stressing the reference letters, because we know USCIS will take a while. Asking our friends about them is just SOMETHING WE CAN DO.

  4. If its any comfort, after waiting THREE AND A HALF MONTHS for my biometrics appointment, USCIS was able to get the I171-H to me in a little over a week, I am hoping for the same for you, any day now ...

  5. Sounds like your on point! we just got our dossier "pre-approved" by WHFC still waiting on the USIS as well...well on mine, hubby gets his done this week. Now that we have "nothing" to do we are begining to really learn the ET culture, reading, eating...feels like we are doing the fun stuff now!

  6. You are sooo close! I hope that the last lingering bits get resolved quickly for you! Especially CIS - ugh, I feel for you!