Monday, November 15, 2010


Holy shmoly, it's been a month since I've posted on this blog and way over a month since our social worker visits. I've pretty much been working non-stop, and it has consumed every corner of my life. Which stinks. In the meantime, nothing has been happening on the adoption front. We have been waiting for our fingerprint clearances from the FBI. We did finally call the home study agency last week, and that seemed to prompt them to send us a draft of our home study. We've made some corrections and will send it back. We still have to research our community resources (local pediatricians etc.), interview other adoptive families, and complete some more training. It's the same list from my post six weeks ago. With my crazy work load and waiting for the FBI, everything has ground to a halt.


  1. I bet the agency appreciates someone patient like you!

    It sounds like things on the homestudy front are moving pretty well for you.

    I can't remember your age range.. but if you are interested in sibs up to 5 or 6, the wait should not be long.

  2. Jennifer, you were right about how long the agency would take! Same thing that happened to you, right? At this point I'm worried that our wait will be very long - I just found out USCIS can take up to six months to process applications - and we can't even send our application in until our homestudy is finished!

  3. I'm not sure where you are living, but our fingerprints only took about 3 weeks to clear, and It hink I can say the same for the I600!! Unfortunately it may take some nagging on your part. Talk to Jennifer abotu that =) ha! I know she had a hard time getting her paperwork done in a timely manner. Good luck to you!!

  4. I found that with the paperwork, things came in spurts. I'd dig in and work really hard for a few weeks, then take a month "off," when I didn't really do much. It's weird, but the paper chase was kind of draining for me, and at some points I would just need to take a break.