Tuesday, September 28, 2010

social worker visits and other things

     Quick update about the social worker visits... we've had two so far. The first one was with the both of us. The social worker was super nice and very professional. She was here for almost two hours. Mostly she asked us the same things that were in our homestudy documents and autobiographical statements. She met the dogs, who were very well behaved (Buki did not even bark once!), and she did a quick tour of the house. The room that will eventually be the child's or children's is currently being used as a guest room/photo framing room/seed starting room, but that was fine. As far as asking about religion, she said, "You don't go to church, right?," we confirmed it, and she moved on.
     The second visit was with just me. Tabb sat out on the deck the whole time. She asked me more about my autobiography, and about our relationship. I think I babbled a bit, and I probably didn't need to go through our wedding album with her, but it was fine, too.
     Tabb has his one-on-one tomorrow while I'm in class.
     I also finally had a chance to slip out of work a few minutes early and go get fingerprinted at the courthouse. I mailed our fingerprints to the FBI today. This set is for our criminal background check. There will be a separately set of fingerprints for USCIS.
     We both have doctor's appointments next week for the medical paperwork. Tabb was lucky to find a friend of a friend in his building who is a notary and can come to the appointment with him. I found a traveling notary who coincidentally uses the same doctor's office as me, so she's giving me a cheap price to come out to my appointment.
     And finally we were excited to meet another local couple who has adopted a beautiful little girl from Ethiopia. Their daughter turned one on Sunday and we went to the party. The little girl was happy, healthy and clearly very attached to her parents. Hopefully a glimpse of our future!


  1. I'm curious about your "child's or children's" phrase.

  2. I think a lot of doctor offices have notaries. I just called and asked if they had one working here, and they did. I went on a day when she worked, and it was done for free because she couldn't really charge she said.

  3. Yay Kyra!
    I also had to bring a notary to my Dr's office - I had asked if they had one and was kind of surprised that they didn't but oh well.
    I was a little worried about the religion question too, my home study agency is Catholic Social Serivces! - but it was no big deal. I have a friend that used the same agency, same home study writer, and she said that she had prepped her husband, practiced questions RE religion, etc ... and that he still used the word athiest with the social worker and that it didn't matter at all :)

  4. Hi Leia, right now we are saying, "Up to two."

    Anne, my Dr. doesn't have a notary in the office either, but the woman who is coming is only charging me twenty bucks, so not too bad.

  5. Congrats - sounds like things are moving right along for you.

  6. Kyra- just found out about your blog. Welcome to the wonderful world of adopting. What caught my eye is that we are also non-Christians in this VERY Christian adoption world. We are also with WHFC and received our referral for a little girl in August. Just waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for the courts to open!
    I also have a blog:
    Let me know if you have any questions along the way.

  7. Thanks for the note, Gisah! Congratulations on your referral! I hope your meeting with the birth mom goes well, and that you can continue to keep in touch.