Saturday, May 14, 2011


This afternoon we went to a picnic at the home of a local Ethiopian couple. A woman with two children adopted from Ethiopia helped organize it, and everyone at any stage of an Ethiopian adoption was invited.
We made an effort while we were there to go around and talk to as many people as possible. We were the only ones there without a kid yet, but no one seemed to care. The host was very gracious and welcoming (and if I were twenty-five years younger I'd be in love with his son), and everyone was very nice. We talked to eight or nine different families. Most of the kids were young, though there was one couple with four children who had adopted their first child over fourteen years ago. We got to meet a few people who we'd only talked to online, which was nice. And the food was delicious.
Near the end a clown showed up to entertain/proselytize to the kids. Five minutes into his act he was talking about murderers and sin. That was a little strange.
We're really glad we went. Maybe next year we'll be back with a kid.


  1. "We're really glad we went. Maybe next year we'll be back with a kid." - Yikes, i would be a little (very) uncomfortable with that: clowns, murder, sin and no doubt going to hell if you don’t believe the way we do…might be a little too much for my kids. It sounded great…right up until that point.

  2. You had me until "murder and sin." Hmmm, somehow those things just don't add up to a party....but nonetheless, it's great to connect with other PAPs/APs. We've attended a few events in our town and thankfully I have not witnessed any proselytizing. Can't wait till you have those kiddos there!

  3. The clown was more strange than anything. I think the kids who weren't Christian didn't really get it and some of them wandered off after a while. Our host was a pastor, but except for the clown, the religious aspect was pretty low-key. It really was a positive event for us!

  4. Glad you got to connect with other Ethiopian APs, even if there was a creepy clown there! We have done this a few times during our wait and it's always encouraging to see other families like ours will be.

  5. Hi, is the Kyra R? This is urbana_irene from the big board. If it's you, geia sou! If not, I love your blog anyway and totally dig the agnostic part.


  6. Yeia sou, Eirini! Nai, ego eimai.