Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pediatrician jackpot!

Yesterday I took a half day off work to go see a local pediatrician who specializes in international adoption. My goals were to a) see if this would be a good pediatrician for our future child b) get a professional opinion about a special need we are considering and c) find out how the referral evaluation process works.
And I am so excited! I hit the jackpot with this doctor! It was sooooooo nice to sit in her office and NOT have to explain the process of intercountry adoption, because she already knew. In fact, she could speak to the conditions in orphanages in Ethiopia and the procedures for vaccinations in Ethiopia. She currently has 300 patients who are international adoptees, and her own sister adopted from China. She spent 45 minutes answering my questions, and gave me some questions about medical tests to pass on to Wide Horizons. I emailed our case worker as soon as I got home, and once we get the answers, we will be making our final decision about the changes to our homestudy.
I feel really lucky to have found this doctor.


  1. Yay! I am so happy for you two...soon to be three.

  2. That's really wonderful that you found someone who understands so much about international adoption. Wow. What great news.
    Lisa Stinnett

  3. That is huge - congratulations.

  4. It always feels so good to make those connections. I hope find the answers you are looking for! how great that you found such an experienced Dr!

  5. That is great news. This is one area that we do not feel really good about at the current moment. No international docs in our town, and our own pediatrician isn't that great. This will make it a lot easier for you as you weigh decisions in the future.

  6. Hi Boualoy! Nice to see you here!
    I definitely feel very lucky, everyone. This doctor is an easy 30 min drive away.
    Meg, Kristin, any news from WHFC?